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Just pay as with the Sparkassen-Card (debit card) disposition credit (granted overdraft). to turn this loan into an interest-free loan. Information and comparisons to daily allowances, time deposits, mortgages, checking accounts, loans, insurance. The safe fixed-rate system should be filled as quickly as possible with such small CREDITINS.

Loans and financing 

Loans and financing 

Note: Due to maintenance work, online banking is currently not available. Try it again in due course. Short-term information needs, larger purchases and your own four walls: Take a look at the financing solutions offered by your savings bank here. In every life situation: the credit solution of your savings bank. Find out which loan is best for your project.

With the online loan platform CreditCorner, which is dedicated to SME financing, the stockbroker flirts with an expansion of its business activities.

With the online loan platform of the Astro Crediter, which has committed itself to financing SMEs, it flirts with an expansion of its business activities. Through cooperation with credit institutions and ever more sophisticated creditworthiness analyzes, the Frankfurters want to continue to expand. fir – Between June and August CreditCorner brokered unsecured loans of over 30 million and more.

At EUR 15.4 million, revenue in the third quarter was almost the same as in the first half of the previous year. It is not a good year for the Spanish banks. Of course there are also external influences such as the situation in Italy, the Brexit crisis or the crises in the emerging markets ……

Among the most common and then appearing in our minds photos are determined by market research, the beer themes, the Oktoberfest, the Oktoberfest, ….. For private customers in the network, the rail connection for German high-tech companies has probably already left. The situation is much better for Industry 4. 0 and the Industrial Network of Things, where domestic suppliers are gaining from the global capabilities of the German mechanical and plant engineering sector.

Trade disputes, budget talks in Italy and a mature economic cycle are making investors increasingly nervous. The uncertainty factor of an aging society is growing: pension reforms, permanently low interest rates and unstable markets make it difficult to start your own retirement plan.

Loans: The boom in the real estate industry is driving German citizens into a risk.

Loans: The boom in the real estate industry is driving German citizens into a risk.

However, the Germans are loyal to one thing when it comes to credit. Instead of “just not guilty,” the new credo is “no fear of credit.” In order to realize their own four walls, buyers of real estate had to borrow an average of 234,000 EUR. This was around EUR 30000 more than in the same month of the previous year and still around EUR 40000 more than in 2016. The development trend towards increased indebtedness is reflected in the key figures of the financial services company Dr. Ing. Small.

At 81.6 percentage points, the debt financing portion of the real estate value, the so-called loan-to-value ratio, now exceeds the 80 percent mark. It was not until 2016 that property owners and owners contributed significantly more than 20 percentage points of equity to their investment, and the average loan-to-value ratio was between 76 and 78 percentage points. On average over the past ten years, real estate prices in Germany have risen by almost 50 percentage points.

If you want to buy something now, you have to issue much larger loans. The situation in Berlin shows how much this affects the prospective buyers. For the financing of a private property, an average of 193,000 EUR was requested in 2013. Just five years later, according to the internet portal Immobilienscout24, which was created on the basis of credit reports on its website, it averaged 325,000 EUR.

This was shown by the repayment installments of 2.71 percentage points, which, however, were well above the proposed two percent mark. For example, Dunkert Bank sees 15 to 30 percentage points of overpriced objects in hip big cities. The value of loan collateral threatens to overestimate, the Bundesbankiers write recently in their Financial Stability Report. Average debt has fallen in recent years from around 110 percentage points of disposable income to around 90 percentage points, while the percentage of home loans has fallen from over 70 percentage points of disposable income to around 65 percentage points.

However, the trend reversal point has now clearly taken place. In the construction loans, the income burden increases again. This is also reflected in the growing business of Baufis, because the loans are called in jargon. The total volume is now growing by around five percentage points, which is the highest in several years. An attempt is made to make the loans as predictable as possible.

You choose a long maturity on the bonds to get the low interest rates for as long as possible. You do not want to fall into the trap of refinancing if conditions are much better after the loan expires. The borrowers have according to the information of Dr. med. Klein set their current interest rates for over 14 years.